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We have expanded our capabilities to support our services via YouTube. Please note, that ONLY the FaceBook Videos (live, then the archive), will remain posted after the service ends.. The FaceBook link takes you to the landing page for our FaceBook page. Click on Videos at the left, then all videos, and then at the appropriate time, the live video.

For those without FaceBook accounts, please click on the appropriate YouTube link below. YouTube videos are normally posted shortly before the service, and may be removed at any time after Sunday. The bulletin for each service (what you'd receive a copy of when you walked into the bricks & mortar church) will typically be online before the service, and is replaced before the next service. Hymns are copyrighted, and are available only while the YouTube videos are online.

 Welcome to the service! (note you can only click on links below when appropriate in the notes above).

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Please note that video uploads to YouTube may be very slow due to large internet traffic demands because of COVID-19. If delayed, keep refreshing this page until the link goes live. The video will eventually be posted even if somewhat late.

Pentecost - 31 May 2020    Video is uploading/available now.

Click -HERE- for the Youtube video posted prior to the service at 10 am. Click -HERE- for the bulletin for this service. For hymns, see the bulletin, then click on the appropriate link below, by number.


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Worship Resources

 Meditation Group Resumes On-Line

These are anxious times. The Psalmist (46:1) prays: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” What a comfort it is to realize God is with us through these troubling times. What a comfort it is to be able to come together and to see and hear each other, even if it’s only through a screen. In silence, simplicity, and stillness, we bask in God’s loving presence. Until the pandemic lockdown lifts, Pr. David will be hosting a weekly Meditation Group online. If you’re interested in joining him and the group, send Pr. David an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and he will give you further information and instructions. Whether you’ve meditated before, or not, and you’re wanting to learn and try it out especially during these times, you’re most welcome!

 Mental Health Support During These Tough Times

The Glebe Counselling Centre (Waterloo) is offering online mental health support (phone call or video chats) with licensed therapists.

Check out their website, and avail yourself of caring, experienced and trained supporters.