Prayer Shawl Ministry

Blessing the prayer shawls, Pentecost 17, 2014

After several months of preliminary organization, the first meeting of the Prayer Shawl Ministry group was held in October 2012.  We meet on the third Tuesday morning of each month from September to June, from 10:00 a.m. to 12 at Christ Lutheran Church.

We have gratefully received donations of name tags, storage bins and yarn.  The congregation through church council also support us with a monetary donation.

Although our membership is small, we have produced more than 256 beautiful Prayer Shawls.  At the end of our meetings, completed Shawls are blessed by the Pastor and are then ready for distribution.  We have given 80 Prayer Shawls to members and friends of the congregation who are in need of a little extra comfort during times of illness, loss, or loneliness. During our meetings, prayer petitions are said for each recipient from the past month. Some of our Shawls have travelled as far as the US and the UK.

Records are kept regarding who received a Shawl, who made it, when it was blessed, and when it was given.  We also keep a photo archive and all thank you notes that are received.

“Knitting into the Ministry” by Susan S. Jorgensen and Susan S. Izard is a wonderful book explaining what the Ministry is all about.

If you are interested in joining this Outreach Ministry, or if you know of someone who is in need of a Prayer Shawl, please contact the Church or Carol Schmidt at 226-972-9547.