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Pentecost 19   

Pentecost 18   

Pentecost 17   

Pentecost 16   

Pentecost 15   

Pentecost 14   

Pentecost 13   

Pentecost 12   

Pentecost 11   

Pentecost 10   

Pentecost 9   

Pentecost 8   

Pentecost 7   

Pentecost 6   

Pentecost 5   

Pentecost 4   

Pentecost 3   

Pentecost 2   (Pastor David Malina)

Pentecost 1   

Pentecost   (Pastor David Malina, Dale Wilcox, Michael Hackbusch)

Easter 7   

Easter 6   

Easter 5   (Pastor David Malina)

Easter 4   (Pastor David Malina)

Easter 3   (Youth Minister Alicia Becker), the Full Service

Easter 2   (Bishop Michael Pryse) the Sermon  and the Full Service  50th Anniversery Kickoff 

Easter Sunday   "Stories from an Ordinary Cemetery"(Pastor David Malina)20170423BishopPryse

Palm Sunday   (Pastor Carla Blakley)

Lent 5   "Doing the Dishes" (Pastor David Malina)

Lent 4   Youth Sunday "An Interpretation of John 9" (Rosie Rader)

Lent 3    (Pastor David Malina)

Lent 2    "Caught and carried by the wind of God" (Pastor David Malina)

Lent 1    (Pastor David Malina)

Transfiguration    The Full Service (Youth Minister Alicia Becker)

Epiphany 7    (Pastor David Malina)

Epiphany 6    "Seeing Beyond into a Heart of Gold" (Pastor David Malina)


Epiphany 5   "Fire & Spice: A Way to Really Live" (Pastor David Malina) [Due to technical issues no video exists)

Epiphany 4    (Pastor David Malina)

Epiphany 3   "Divine Power at Work" (Pastor David Malina)

Installation of Pastor David Malina   (Pastor Martin Malina)

Epiphany 2   (Alicia Becker)


Baptism of Our Lord   "Immersed in, and Set Free by, God's Love" (Pastor David Malina)

Christmas 1   "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!" (Pastor David Malina)




Christmas Day   "An approachable God" (Pastor David Malina)

Advent 4   (Lessons and Carols: Magnificat!)

Advent 3   (The full Christmas Pageant service)

Advent 2   (Pastor David Malina)20161204Choir

Advent 1   (Pastor David Malina)

Christ the King   (Pastor David Malina)

Pentecost 26  "Real Love is as Tough as Nails" (Youth Minister Alicia Becker)

All Saints Sunday   (Pastor David Malina)20161106 PastorDavid

Reformation Sunday   (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 23   (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 22  "More Than a Machine" (Youth Minister Alicia Becker)

Pentecost 21   (Pastor Tim Hegedus)

Pentecost 20  ""Where is God in All This Mess?" (Pastor Oz Cole-Arnal)

Pentecost 19  "Do not draw lines in your head" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 18  "You cannot serve both God and money" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)20161130 PastorOlavi

Pentecost 15   (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 14   (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 13 "Singing in Worship" (Pastor Paul Bosch) 

Pentecost 11  "Q&A" (Pastor Tim Hegedus and Pastor Oz Cole-Arnal)

Pentecost 10  "Lord, teach us to pray" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 9  "The Good Part" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 8  "Who is my neighbour?" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 7  "Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Pentecost 4   Youth Ministry Sunday (Youth Minister Alicia Becker)

Pentecost 2   (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Holy Trinity   (Pastor Riitta Hepomaki)

Pentecost Youth Ministry Sunday 

Easter 7  "Under the sign of a Cross" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Easter 6 The Full Service (Pastor Paul Bosch) 

Easter 5   "Thy shall not pronounce the word 'love' in vain" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Easter 4 Youth Ministry Sunday "Hearing the Voice of God" 

Easter 3 "Waiting Game"  (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Easter 2 "Seeing and Believing"  (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

Easter Sunday  "Easter Confusion" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)

Palm Sunday A Passion Reading 

Lent 4 "Coming Home" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

Lent 3 "No Fruit This Year?" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki)  
Lent 2 "More than Life" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 
Lent 1 Youth Ministry Sunday - (Full Service) with Alicia Becker and the Youth
Transfiguration "Boring Jesus?" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 
Epiphany 4 "Who owns the Good news?" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 
Epiphany 3 "Better than Jesus" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

Epiphany 2 

Baptism of Our Lord "To be Loved" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 
Christmas 2 "Full of Grace and Truth" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 


Christmas 1 "Holy parenting models" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

Advent 4 "The Shepherds Play" - a Christmas Comedy 20151227ShepherdsPlay

Christmas Eve The Full Service - Pastor Olavi Hepomaki presiding 

Advent 3 "An Unconventional Christmas Pageant" 

Advent 2  

Advent 1 The Full Service, including Congregational Survey 

Christ the King "The Kingdom of God" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

Pentecost 25 "Before the End" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

Pentecost 24 "Giving to God -- Giving for Good" (Pastor Olavi Hepomaki) 

All Saints "For All That Has Been: Thanks! To All That Shall Be: Yes!" (Pastor James Brown) Sermon:The Sermon Service: The Full Service


Pentecost 22 "Opening the Word" (Alicia Becker, Youth Ministry Sunday)ForAllThatHasBeen Thanks


Pentecost 21 "Building Community for Christ: A Perennial Call" (Pastor James Brown)


Pentecost 20 "A Parish Thanksgiving" (Pastor James Brown)

Pentecost 19 "Divine Infrastructure" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 18 "Saving Grace" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 17 "Timely or Perennial" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 16 "Wisdoms Call" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 15 Youth Ministry Sunday with Alicia Becker & the Youth (Pastor James Brown, presiding) 

Pentecost 14 "Vocation, Vocation, Vocation" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 12 (Pastor Tim Hegedus) 20150906YouthJames

Pentecost 11 (Pastor Tim Hegedus) 

Pentecost 10 (Pastor Tim Hegedus) 

Pentecost 9 (Pastor Andre Lavergne) 

Pentecost 8 (Pastor Glenn Chestnutt) 20150719-GlennChestnuttPresiding

Pentecost 7 (Pastor Glenn Chestnutt) 

Pentecost 6 (Pastor Glenn Chestnutt) 

Pentecost 5 (Pastor Michael Hackbusch) 

Pentecost 4 Youth Ministry Sunday with Alicia Becker & the Youth (Pastor James Brown, presiding) 

Pentecost 3 "On the Way" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 2 "The Three Questions" (Pastor James Brown) 

 The Holy Trinity "In Today's World, Who is Nicodemus? Who is Jesus?" (Pastor James Brown) 
Day of Pentecost "Where is the Wider Community?" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 7 - Ascensiontide "Remaining Connected" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 6 Youth Ministry Sunday (Youth Minister Alicia Becker) 

Easter 5 "Integrity in Mission" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 4 "In Need of the Shepherd" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 3 "Mystical and Missional" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 2 Youth Ministry Sunday (Youth Minister Alicia Becker) 

Easter "Providing Closure" (Pastor James Brown) 

Palm Sunday "Wondrous Love" (Pastor James Brown) 20150329PalmSundayChoir

Lent 5 (Seminarian Leena Jensen) 

Lent 4 "Addressing the Darkness" (Pastor James Brown) 

Lent 3 "Gracious Living" (Pastor James Brown) 

Lent 2 + Youth Ministry Sunday (Youth Minister, Alicia Becker) 20150301YouthSundayBand

Lent 1 + Diaconal Sunday (Seminarian Leena Jensen) 

Transfiguration of Our Lord "Wordless Words" (Pastor Paul Bosch) 

Epiphany 5 (Pastor Oz Cole-Arnal) 

Epiphany 4 (Pastor Tim Hegedus) 

Epiphany 3 (Pastor Andre Lavergne) 

Epiphany 2 (Pastor Michael Hackbusch) 

Baptism of Our Lord (Pastor Andre Lavergne) 

Christmas 2 (Pastor Andre Lavergne) 



Christmas 1 (Pastor Michael Hackbusch) 

Christmas Day "The Long View of Christmas" (Pastor James Brown) 

Advent 4 Youth Pageant Sunday nativity

Advent 3 Lessons and Carols for Advent 

Advent 2 "Finding Our Voice" (Pastor James Brown) 

Advent 1 "Keeping Awake" (Pastor James Brown) 

Christ the King, Youth Ministry Sunday "Christ in My Life" (Homily by Caity Irwin) 

Pentecost 23 "Hands Held Open" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 22 "Micah - Values, Violence and the Virutal" (Pastor Paul Bosch as the Prophet Micah) 

Pentecost 21, All-Saints Sunday "Where Do We Live?" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 20, Reformation Sunday "Has Everything Changed?" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 19, Youth Sunday (Youth Minister Alicia Becker) YouthSunday20141019

Pentecost 18, Thanksgiving (Pastor Andre Lavergne) 

Pentecost 17 "Defensive Living" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 16 "Sleepwalking with God" (Pastor James Brown) thanksgiving2014 640x360

Pentecost 15 "Sign Language" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 14 "Radical Forgiveness" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 13 "A Home for Faith" (Pastor James Brown)  Pentecost12-2014cropped

Pentecost 12 "High Calling" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 11 "Power Options" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 10 "Learning to be People of God" (Pastor James Brown) 

 Pentecost 9 "AMEN: Asent, Appropriation, Action" (Pastor Paul Bosch)

Pentecost 8 (In memory of Pastor George Mayer) "Furrows Lie Open" (Pastor James Brown)  

Pentecost 7 "Determining a Moral Compass" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 6 "(Dr Tim Hegedus) 

Pentecost 5 "(Pastor Glenn Chestnutt) 

Pentecost 4 "(Pastor Glenn Chestnutt) 

Pentecost 3 "(Pastor Glenn Chestnutt) 

Pentecost 2 "(Dr Tim Hegedus) 

The Holy Trinity "(Dr Tim Hegedus) 

Pentecost (Communion Sunday) "The Winds of God" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 7 (Ascensiontide) "Ending Well" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 6 "All You Need is Love" (Pastor Oz Cole presiding, sermon by Silke Force) 

Easter 5 "A Visit by Isaiah" (played by Richard Walsh) 

Easter 4 - Mother's Day "On Mothers, Shepherds, and Congregations" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 3 "Christ on the Roadway" (Pastor James Brown) 

Easter 2 "Thomas, the Fall Guy" (Youth Minister, Alicia Becker) 


Easter Sunday "At the Heart of the Gospel" (Pastor James Brown) 

Palm Sunday "The Passion of Christ" (a Reading) 

Lent 5 "Entering the Mystery" (Pastor James Brown) 

Lent 4 "Love That Lightens the Darkness" (Pastor James Brown) 

Lent 3 "What is Living Water?" (Pastor James Brown) 

Lent 2 "The Answer, My Friend, Is..." (Pastor James Brown) 

Lent 1 "The Unforbidden Fruit" (Pastor James Brown) 

Transfiguration of Our Lord (Pastor Michael Hackbusch) 

Epiphany 7 - New Consecration Sunday (Pastor Andre Lavergne) 

Epiphany 6 - Youth Ministry Sunday "Life, Faith, Discipleship, Reconciliation" (Alicia Becker) 

Epiphany 5 - Annual Meeting Sunday "Heart-Strong" (Pastor James Brown) 

Epiphany 4 "Recognizing Jesus" (Pastor James Brown) 

Epiphany 3 "Refracting the Light" (Pastor James Brown) 

Epiphany 2 "Moving Past Christmas" (Pastor James Brown) 

Baptism of Our Lord "Listening And Watching" (Pastor James Brown) 

Christmas 2 "How are we called?" (Pastor James Brown) 


Christmas 1 "Prophet, Priest and King"(Pastor Paul Bosch) MangerScene

Christmas Day "Reclaiming Christmas" (Pastor James Brown) 

Advent 3 Youth Ministry Pagaent Sunday 

Advent 2 "God On the Move" (Pastor James Brown) 

Advent 1 "Gospel Joy: A Gift from Francis" (Pastor James Brown) 

Reign of Christ "Finding Home in the Upside Down Kingdom" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 26 - Youth Ministry Sunday (Alicia Becker) 

Pentecost 25 "We Are Not Alone" (Pastor James Brown) 

All Saints Sunday "Receiving and Sharing Our Inheritance" (Pastor James Brown) 

Reformation Sunday "Embracing the Reformation of Our Ministry and Mission" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 22 "Faith and Justice" (Pastor James Brown) 

Thanksgiving "Gracious Living" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 20 "Written on Roads" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 19 "Money and Power" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 18 "Good Dishonest Wealth Management" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 17 "Living Repentance" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 16 "Extreme Discipleship" (Pastor James Brown) 

Pentecost 15 (Intern Nelson Grigg) 

Pentecost 15 (Pastor James Brown)

Pentecost 14 (Pastor James Brown)

Pentecost 13 (Pastor James Brown)

Pentecost 12 (Pastor James Brown)

Pentecost 11 (Pastor James Brown)

Pentecost 10 (Seminarian Silke Force)

Pentecost 9 (Rev. Michael Hackbusch - podcast only)

Pentecost 8 (Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt - podcast only)

Pentecost 7 (Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt - podcast only)

Pentecost 6 (Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt - podcast only)

Pentecost 5 (Rev. Dr. Tim Hegedus - podcast only)

Pentecost 4 (Rev. Dr. Tim Hegedus - podcast only)

Pentecost 3 (Pastor James Brown)[Click here for podcast]

Pentecost 2 (Pastor James Brown)[Click here for podcast]

The Holy Trinity (Pastor James Brown)

Day of Pentecost (Nadine Quehl)[Click here for podcast]

Easter 7

Easter 6

Easter 5

Easter 4

Easter 3

Easter 2

Easter Sunday

Good Friday

Maundy Thursday

Palm Sunday

Lent 5

Lent 4

Lent 3

Lent 2

Lent 1


Epiphany 4

Epiphany 3

Epiphany 2

Baptism of Jesus


Christmas 1