Pygmalion - November 2019


The 2019 annual theatre production at Christ Church Waterloo is the famous 1912 comedy Pygmalion by G. Bernard Shaw. The performance dates are November 21-23 @ 7:30 pm, so please mark your calendars now. Order your tickets online or at the Church Office: 519-885-405; tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students.

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Pygmalion exposes the exploitive professional relationship between two wealthy, older bachelors and a poor young woman in London. Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering, linguists flush with scientific zeal, subject Eliza Doolittle, a street-vendor of flowers, to an intense and sometimes abusive tutorial in “the King’s English” and decorum. Complicating matters, Henry falls in love with the object of his creation just as King Pygmalion in the Greek myth did. Eliza, however, finds her inner strength and abandons “the gentlemen’s experiment” to find her own way in the world... MORE...