Christmas Craft and Bake Sale

Christmas Craft and Bake Sale 2020-11-12T09:43:53-05:00

An Online Christmas Bazaar

One of the biggest fund raisers of the year for Christ Lutheran – the Christmas Craft and Bake Sale has traditionally happened on the first Saturday in December. This year is no exception!!! It is going to look very different but with your help we can make this happen.

We can’t get together in person but we can do an on-line Bazaar.

This year there will be items from the bake table including Christmas cookies, pies, tarts, cakes, loaves, squares and Christmas Cake.

Homemade preserves will include jams, chili sauce and pickled beets. The frozen food area will feature cabbage rolls.

In the craft area you will find knitting, blankets, book bags and many more.

Thank you to everyone who has helped put this together and to you for making purchases.

To order, fill out one (or both!) of the forms above, or download the full order sheet below to order by phone or email.

To view our full order sheet, with photos, click here!

All orders must be received by November 23. Orders will be available for pickup at the church on Saturday afternoon, December 5 or before church on Sunday December 6.

If you have questions or would like more information please call or email Karen at 519-498-5506 ( or Eloise at 519-884-5973 (

We are hoping you will be ambassadors for our church and share the items for sale with your friends, family and neighbours as they may want to buy some of our lovingly prepared homemade items.