Bake Sale Order Form

Bake Sale Order Form 2021-12-03T20:18:38-05:00

To order choose one of the following three options:

1. I want to see the order form as an Adobe PDF document. Just click -HERE- and a copy will download. You may double click on the file; fill it out and save it then email it; or drop it by the church office (hours posted). Eloise’s email address is 

2. I want to call Eloise with my order. You can download the form above, decide what you wish to purchase, then call Eloise at 519-884-5973 and give her the details.

 3. I’d like to download an Excel spreadsheet of the order form by clicking -HERE-, then fill it out and return it by email. Please send it to Karen at (if you have issues you can call her at 519-498-5506).

COVID rules applicable on the day of the sale pickup will apply if you plan to enter the building and browse the knitting, books, etc in person. If you’re just picking up curbside, you will not have to enter the building.